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My fish paintings evolved after I had completed a commissioned work depicting a snapper and flasher rigs. Consequently I painted several fish pictures, two of which have been featured on the covers of prominent fishing magazines, and one on a health magazine.

Another has appeared in a lovely hard-cover book on snapper, by Sam Mossman, and is a full page picture.

I've painted fish, marlin, orcas and such on stretched canvasses, so this lends a new angle to the previous theme. Also very successfully completed were some commissions from fishermen, who now are the proud owners of paintings of their own marlin.

Not content only with snapper, tuna, kingfish etc., I've also using bright and colourful tropical species, together with coral reefs and marine growth-covered rock faces, to make fresh and vibrant underwater scenes.

The paintings are done in acrylic, unless otherwise stated.